Birthday Giveaway

Hello again my dear creeps and losers!

Today I want to tell you about my 2016 Birthday Giveaway! My birthday is August 31st, and I had planned on starting this sooner but ran into some legal trouble (not related in any way to domme/sex work), so that has kept me busy and preoccupied the last few weeks (fuck the police). No worries, all is well, and I’m very very excited to get this giveaway started! The prizes are super exclusive and this is a HUGE privilege for one lucky pig.

The winner of my Birthday Giveaway will receive the following:

1 pair of juicy sexy panties worn by me for 24 hours

1 pair of super stinky socks worn by me for 48 hours

Your choice of either: one of my photosets OR video that is available on my shops

A hand written letter signed with a kiss from me

1 15 minute Skype cam session

So, the rules are as follows:

You must be 18 years of age or older to participate. This contest will begin on August 25th 2016, at 12:00AM PST and end on September 10th 2016, at 11:59PM PST. All tributes of $10 or more within this time frame will earn entries. For every $10 you tribute, you get one entry.

You may use the payment methods listed HERE to send tributes to enter the giveaway. Remember to send at least a $10 tribute to enter the give away.

There are no limitations on how much or how often you can tribute during this giveaway, but remember to use increments of $10; for example, a $50 tribute will earn you 5 entries. If you send a random amount I will round down; i.e., a $242 tribute will earn you 24 entries, an $88 tribute will ear you 8 entries, and a $55 tribute will still earn you just 5 entries.

At all times during this give away you must obey my RULES.

The appointment date and time for our session will be decided together, but you must work around my busy schedule.

We will discuss the topic explored in our 15 minute session, but it must fit within my personal limits; see the FAQ HERE.

If you are rude or disrespectful during our session, I will give you only one warning to behave yourself. After that, I may terminate the session at my discretion. Be sure that you are familiar with my RULES.

As always, there will be no nudity on my part during the session, but you have my permission to be nude if you so wish. I will be teasing you by wearing sexy and enticing lingerie.

Please make sure to leave your contact name (or social media username) and email address with your tribute!

Once I receive your tribute(s), I will write your email address on a raffle ticket(s) and place it/them in a jar with the others. I am also using a spreadsheet to record tributes.

On September 11th 2016, at approx. 12:00AM PST, I will post a video of myself randomly selecting ONE winner on Twitter & Instagram. I will then contact the lucky winner via email to let them know they have been selected.

Feel free to submit questions regarding this giveaway via my CONTACT FORM. Good luck! I’m looking forward to making a complete fucking loser feel like a winner for once in their life ;)!

Lick It Up, Foot Freak


Hey creeps, pervs, losers, and paypigs! It’s been a while but I’m back with great news–my WorshipiWantClips page is now live. AND, I’ve posted a new photoset (Summer Dream) and my first ever video (Lick It Up, Foot Freak) on NiteFlirt and iWantClips! Both are a real treat for foot and heel worshipers.

I had also added a delicious ass worship photoset (Worship My Royal Ass) to both sites a few weeks ago–you will not be disappointed by these incredibly sexy photos of my perfect ass.

Check my Twitter for more updates. I’m so excited to create more videos for you dweebs to worship! Until then, purchase all my content and keep drooling over what you’ll NEVER have!


It’s been a while since I’ve updated here. I’m working on a redesign, but in the mean time I’ve added a few pages to the site. Findomme Queen Sasha ReignI now have a page explaining my rules and prices for TEAMVIEWER sessions, and a CONTACT form to make communication a little easier. More to come soon, creeps. Keep your eyes peeled.


For Valentine’s Day I have created a special treat for my subjects and slaves: a themed photo set with 25 gorgeous photos. This set has a little something for everyone, whether you’re a foot, leg, lip, breast, or ass lover. Also, the included photos of my ass are especially unique because I have not shared this part of my perfect body publicly before. That’s a totally new part of me to worship–I am SO generous to share my elegant beauty with you peons. The set can be purchased and downloaded from my NiteFlirt goodies page. Click through to see previews, and send me a Valentine’s Day tribute while you’re there. What better way to spend your Valentine’s Day than worshiping and spoiling your beautiful and alluring queen?

Valentine's Day

Welcome to QueenSashaReign.com

Welcome to QueenSashaReign.com; you are now on the direct path to your own ruin.

After having advanced my rule across many platforms, it was only logical for me to take the next step and create a website to aid in spreading my authority and growing my powerful domain.

Be well aware that from here forward my words will continue to disrupt your free will. Aside from being another platform for me to exert my tyranny, this website isĀ  here to aid you in learning your place and how to be of service to nobility such as myself. Within these pages, you will find answers to any questions you may have about me, the exceptionally ideal ruler of your life, Queen Sasha Reign.

Queen Sasha Reign