A cash point meet provides you with the opportunity to meet me in person and experience the unique privilege of handing over your hard-earned cash directly into the hands of a true queen.

Do not be confused–this is not a session or a date; our interaction will be short and sweet. I require a $50 deposit and a $300 minimum to schedule a cash point meet, payable via GiftRocket, Venmo, Amazon Gift Card, Square Cash, or Google Wallet to

After I receive your deposit, I will decide on a time and a public location for the meet. Afternoons are best for me, and you may have to work around my busy schedule. If you want it bad enough, you will figure it out.

On the day of our cash point meet, you must have a dozen roses OR a gift from one of my wishlists, as well as the cash in hand upon arrival. Arrive early because I will absolutely not fucking wait for you. I am exceptionally busy, and as a queen I will not be made to sit around. If you are late, you forfeit your deposit and will not have another opportunity to schedule another cash point meet.

Once I arrive, you will hand me your wallet with the cash, which I will pull out and slowly count it in front of you before slipping it into my purse. You will then compliment my wit and beauty and thank me profusely for the privilege, and then get on your knees and bow or kiss my shoes. Afterwards you will stand up, thank your generous queen again for sharing her valued time by taking part in a cash point meet, and leave immediately.


  • Your respect of all my RULES at all times
  • A $50 non-refundable deposit
  • A dozen roses OR a gift from one of my wishlists
  • $300 Minimum for the meet
  • Competency to follow simple instructions

Failure to follow these directions will result in cancellation of our meeting and forfeiture of your deposit.