Findom Rules of Engagement with Queen Sasha Reign

When approaching me, follow the rules listed below and you will stay out of trouble with me. If you break any of my findom rules, you will be subject to an undesirable punishment such as simply being ignored, or anything up to and including being blocked/banned from contacting me on all platforms. The fee to reverse a block/ban is $500, so act accordingly.

1. Refer to me as “Queen” or “Your Majesty” ONLY. I am not a mistress, and ESPECIALLY not a princess.

2. Do not approach me if you are not ready to tribute. Messages and emails sent without a tribute will get a much slower response, and most often are just fucking ignored. If you want my attention, money speaks. If you want to compliment me, attach the compliment to a tribute. I know how incredibly beautiful and intelligent I am; your empty words are nothing for me but a nuisance.

3. I know your mother taught you manners–USE THEM. I expect nothing but the utmost highly respectful behavior during all interactions.

4. Do not fucking send me your dick pic, you will be rewarded with an insta-block/ban.

5. If you want to serve, you have to APPLY. NO EXCEPTIONS. My application serves an important purpose, and is the tool for you to use to show me why you are worthy of being under my rule. It also allows me to get to know you, so that I can more easily find the best ways to get into your head.

6. After sending a gift or tribute, always thank me for the privilege. I am giving good-for-nothing dweebs like you a purpose, and you should be grateful for my generosity.

7. Being that you are a lowly male cretin, I understand that this might be asking a lot of you–but DON’T BE STUPID. Think with your HEAD, not your pitiful clit-dick. Help yourself; I created this website chock full of information for you to access whenever you feel lost and confused. Use the search bar that I have on each page if you’re having difficulty; if all else fails and you’re SURE I haven’t answered your question here, EMAIL ME, use my CONTACT form, or ask me on TWITTER.

Owned slaves must follow the above rules, along with the following additional rules as well:

1. You may not send tributes or gifts to other dommes. In fact, you should not even communicate with other dommes–PERIOD. As my slave you are my property. You work for me and me only. If you believe you have a rare exception, get my permission first!

2. You are not allowed to set expectations for me. Though I may indulge in your fetish with you as a reward for good behavior, our relationship is about me first, and the ways in which you can please me. You should always be seeking new ways to put a smile on my face, by either sending me every dollar you can scrounge up, or promoting and worshiping me in any way possible.

3. You must follow me on all social media platforms I’m subscribed to, e.g. TWITTER & INSTAGRAM, as well as favorite me on NITEFLIRT, and request to be friends on FETLIFE & FINDOMS.COM if you have accounts there.

4. You had better use the same level of respect with ALL other women you interact with as you do with me. Women areĀ  your superiors. If I find out about you badmouthing another woman or engaging in misogynist conversation, you will be terminated immediately. Additionally, I’m absolutely intolerant of ableism, racism, religious oppression, heterosexism, classism, cissexism, ageism, & sizeism towards anyone, and keep in mind that this is not an all inclusive list. As my slave, you represent me. I want your oppressive tendencies and conduct broken down. If you struggle with it, or don’t understand what these words mean, I’d be happy to help educate you–for a fee. Don’t like it? Well, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Breaking any of the above listed rules of engagement may result in you being blocked/banned from interacting with the queen. The fee to reverse a block/ban is $500; no exceptions.