Frequently Asked Questions About Queen Sasha Reign

I get a lot of repetitive questions, so I’m leaving these frequently asked questions with answers for you here. If you have a question that I did not address, and you’ve already checked my ABOUT QUEEN SASHA REIGN page for an answer as well, reach out to me via TWITTER, EMAIL, or my CONTACT FORM. You must understand that I’m very, very busy and my time is incredibly precious. Don’t waste my time–utilize the search bar and read the FAQ.

What is your age?
Guess with tributes. Or search hard enough, and I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

When is your birthday?
August 31st.

How should I address you?
“Your Majesty,” “My Ruler,” or “Queen” are preferred. “Miss” is acceptable. NEVER “Princess.” EVER.

How can I serve you?
Financially, by working your fingers to the bone in an effort to satiate my never ending greed. Work overtime. Get a second job if you have to. If you have nothing to offer financially, I expect you to complete the BROKE BOY TASKS (coming soon.)

What is findom?
Click HERE, dipshit.

Why do you hate men?

Do you do racial humiliation?

Do you do real-time sessions?
No, online play only except for CASH POINT MEETS & shopping sprees.

Are you available to Skype/cam 2 cam?
Yes, but due to my busy schedule, not often. Appointments must be made in advance. Another page will be dedicated to this in the near future.

What are your limits?
Beastiality, rape role play, underage role play, mutilation or anything that can cause permanent damage, submission (me), incest role play, crushing animals, AB/DL, racial humiliation, nudity (me), scat play. (This list is by no means inclusive.)

Show me your tits! (?)
Firstly, fuck off. Second, uh–no. I choose not to share my nude body with you freaks, you simply don’t deserve to witness such elegance.

Do you engage in blackmail?
Only blackmail role play. EMAIL me.