Complete Queen Sasha Reign’s Slave Application

As you can see, I was born to rule over men like you. So, now you’ve come to the realization that satisfying me is your only true purpose in life, and you want the privilege of working towards that goal…good luck. This craving you have to please me is natural, even innate in your being, though not easily achievable. And though I understand that you could never be an individual of the same caliber as I, I still have high expectations for my slaves.

First things first: I require all who are interested in serving me to complete an application for consideration, NO EXCEPTIONS. My slave application allows me to learn more about you, helps you understand my expectations, demonstrates to me that you are competent enough to serve well, and gives me your written consent to engage in fetish play.

In order to receive a copy of my slave application, you must tribute $50 to via GiftRocket, Venmo, Amazon Gift Card, Square Cash, or Google Wallet. After tributing, provide me with your email address and I’ll send you the application immediately. Be sure to also note whether you will be completing the slave application on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone, as the format varies.

I know this is getting difficult for your feeble little male mind to follow, but do bear with me. If you really want to serve me badly enough, you will be able to complete all these steps without any assistance, and provide all the requested information in the slave application. As I said before, I understand that you are below me, and less than me in every single way; however, I have no patience for stupidity and will absolutely not accept an imbecile to serve me. You must be able to listen and obey simple instruction, and this shouldn’t be too much for even your stunted little intellect to grasp.

Lastly, after completing the slave application, return it to me via email. You will receive a response from me within 24 hours of me receiving your completed app. I will let you know whether you have been accepted, rejected, or if more information is needed.

Too much work? You can also purchase my slave application and receive it immediately via my NiteFlirt page; however, I charge $10 extra because NightFlirt takes a cut.

Now, is that so hard? Then get to it.